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108 Emergency in Jayankondam Area

Case studies in other Sates.

Andhra Pradesh:

A bus over turned at Kottapet near Narsapur -Two ambulances were dispatched and 15 victims (common group daily wage labors) were shifted to Narsapur Area Hospital, subsequently 5 triaged victims were shifted to Gandhi Hospital in a Government Ambulance. All the victims survived
Twins were delivered in the ambulance (Kadiri-Anantapur)out of which one was a breech delivery- a lady EMT conducted the delivery - Mother and the babies was transported to the respective area hospitalat Kadiri. More than 100 deliveries have been conducted by EMTs with the help of ERCPs
In the city of Hyderabad at a place called Karmanghat, Singareni Colony, a huge cluster of huts caught fire. Fire control at 108 was immediately contacted and the nearest fire station was also informed. Fire was successfully put off with no causalities of life or injury reported. 108 ambulances had also reached the spot.
A 45 year old lady, was attacked by her own son in connection with property dispute. She had multiple deep cuts on her neck. ERCP (Emergency Response Center Physician) advice was taken and pre hospital care was administered. Victim was shifted to a hospital nearby. The Victim survived.
Mecca Masjid Bomb Blast on 18th May, 2007 - One Ambulance reached the spot in one minute and two more reached the spot in another 15 minutes. Ambulances made 6 trips, shifted 13 severely injured people and 23 people with minor injuries. 5 dead bodies were shifted to hospitals, despite stone pelting, etc. Excellent coordination between ERC team was shown, hospitals and police received recognition from the public, media and Government.
A 23 year old female tried to immolate herself on the night of 17th March 2008. Experiencing severe burns, the victim jumped into the well and was crying in pain. The villagers were alarmed and the 108 ambulance was immediately called for. The ibrahimpatnam ambulance rushed to the site instead of the one stationed nearby, due to the tight schedule and travelled 33 km in 43 minutes. Without any delay , the team including EMT - Gangadhar and Pilot - K. Sampathi geared into action , fastened a rope and climbed down into the 60 feet deep well. The victim was rescued and administered Oxygen, IV fluids and shifted to the nearest government hospital.
On the morning of 8th March 2008, a shepherd of Kistapuram, took his cattle for grazing in the forest and did not return home. Alarmed by his absence , his parents lodged a complaint and a search was initiated. They found the victim lying unconscious and bleeding heavily. Soon, they came to know that he was brutally attacked by 3 wild bears. Immediately his parents called 108 and the team reached the site and the victim was given primary treatment and rushed to the nearest hospital.


In Bhaktinagar- Rajkot, Gujarat, a 3 year old child accidentally ingested ĎAll Outí liquid and became critical. Ambulance reached site within 6 mins and through suction took out the poison. The child was admitted to a nearby hospital where his condition improved.
An 80 year old male was suffering from respiratory problems at Visavadar in Gujarat. Ambulance reached the patients place within 7 minutes and started the treatment within the ambulance itself. Condition of the patient was stabilized later on at the hospital
A 45 year old man who sustained severe injuries to the head was bleeding uncontrollably and had lost consciousness. 108 was called and the EMT under the guidance of ERCP provided the necessary treatment in the ambulance. The vicitm was admittted to LG Hospital and he gained consciousness soon after.


A bus from Maharashtra was crushed by a huge rock. The incident site was in Srinagar and inaccessible due to subsequent landslides. One lady died on the spot and the other 3 were critically injured. The EMT, Pilot and operations executive provided first aid to the victims in the bus and the unconscious victim was transferred to the ambulance which was located 2km away from the site. All victims were shifted to the ambulance in half an hour and moved to the Base Hospital in Srikot at once.